Djuro Zivkovic

Djuro Zivkovic (1975)
comes from a non-musical family, however his parents inspired in him a love for art.

His early interest in folklore and Byzantine music has led him to develop a variety of compositional techniques such as polyrhythmic, improvisation, special harmony-based scales, microtones, layer-polyphony (multiphony) and heterophony. His interest in the harmonic organization (after the year 2002) has resulted in a new approach to his composition process. Živković finds importance in the so-called harmonic field, the way that chords exist in coherence or in symbiosis with themselves, thus creating the harmonic path.

His music is commissioned, performed, recorded and broadcast across Europe, Japan and North America, by leading soloists and ensembles. His music is on the Swedish Grammy Award 2009 CD, with Sonanza Ensemble and Anna Larsson, with the piece Le Cimetière Marin.

His piece On the Guarding of the Heart has got the prestigious Grawemeyer Award 2014.

He is also active as a teacher in composition and performance.